We are currently recruiting agencies to host QuEST Fellows in the 2018-2019 service year. Our Fellows commit to a year of full-time work, starting just before Labor Day. They tend to be high caliber, enthusiastic recent college graduates, with significant paid and unpaid experience under their belts. It is a great way for your organization to expand its reach and help train the next generation of leaders.  Once the Fellows start, our retention rate for the year is excellent and often agencies hire the Fellows on after the year of voluntary service.

We are looking for agencies representing a range of non-profit fields including social change, community organizing, and social service work, and focusing on a variety of topics in line with Quaker values of equality, peace, and environmental stewardship. Agencies need to be able to provide meaningful work and appropriate training and supervision for the Fellows.

The placement sites pay a placement fee and monthly support fees directly to QuEST, and we in turn pay all the living expenses, put money in a community food account, and provide other support. Additionally, the agency pays a small monthly stipend directly to the Fellow.  Please see the financial worksheet for detailed information about this year’s costs and assume a slight increase for next year.

After QuEST recruits and screens candidates, each site interviews several top candidates. If you do not find a good match among the applicants, you are not obligated to accept a Fellow. Please learn more about our program from this website and about the benefits and obligations of partner agencies from the documents linked to this page. Contact us if you have questions.