We would love to have you join us next year! Applications for the 2018-2019 cohort will be available by January 1, 2018.

The QuEST Community

QuEST accepts six young adults to participate in the program each year. Fellows come from a variety of socio-economic, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds, and share a commitment to service, social justice, and nonviolence. Each person also commits to a year of voluntary simplicity. Part of the Fellows’ experience of building community is reaching agreements on household matters, cooking and eating together and supporting each other throughout the ups and downs of the year. Participation in worship, program, and social activities of the Meeting is encouraged, but not required, and is open to all, regardless of faith.


Fellows live together cooperatively in Quaker House a six-bedroom 1910 home adjacent to the Meeting House, in the University District of Seattle. In addition, QuEST pays for utilities, a bus pass, health insurance, a health care expense fund, and a shared budget for house food. Agencies pay a $125 monthly stipend directly to the Fellow for pocket money.  Fellows may also receive up to $125 for education and personal enrichment during the year. Upon completion of the program, Fellows receive an $800 exit stipend and may be eligible for $500 short-term, interest-free loans from QuEST.

Additional Training and Mentoring

QuEST sponsors monthly training and community building sessions called QuEST Times as well as fall and summer retreats.  QuEST Time topics may be educational sessions such as spiritual discernment, communication in community, or anti-racism, or they may be community building activities such as canoeing or learning about each other’s placement sites.  Retreats also focus on community building and reflection.

Each Fellow also has the opportunity to partner with a member of UFM or a former QuEST Fellow for a two year mentoring relationship.  The mentor and mentee can explore Seattle together, discuss professional options, encourage each other’s spiritual growth, and form an intergenerational friendship.

Placement at a Non-Profit Agency

QuEST recruits quality placement agencies for each of our Fellows.  QuEST strives to maintain a balanced offering of agency placements including social service work and social change work in a variety of fields.  Each site provides meaningful full-time work as well as appropriate training and supervision. For more information, you can download the Placement Sites 2016-2017, or contact us to get full individual position descriptions.

The University Friends Meeting Community

QuEST is a ministry of University Friends Meeting (UFM), an unprogrammed Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). At UFM, Quakers gather in silent worship on Sundays, with individuals speaking as they feel led. In addition to QuEST, UFM has several other ministries, including travelers lodgings in the lower portion of Quaker House, a partnership with a homeless advocacy organization to shelter homeless adults in the UFM worship room at night, and community and spiritual support for both survivors of sexual abuse and past sexual offenders. While UFM is a safer place for both children and adults because of the awareness and education that this final ministry has produced, we recognize that it requires ongoing dialogue and engagement. UFM welcomes QuEST Fellows through several events throughout the year.  Examples include: twice-monthly Light Lunches, a fall potluck, a Christmas open house and opportunities for the QUEST Fellows to share their experiences with the UFM community.  For further information about UFM or its ministries, see the UFM webpage.

Application Process

QuEST Fellows commit to a year of service that begins in late August. Applications to the program are due on March 1st of each year. After March 1st, applications accepted on space-available basis. Prospective Fellows will be interviewed by QuEST and by potential placement agencies. Efforts are made to match Fellows with their placement of interest, but placements at specific agencies are not guaranteed. Fellows make their final commitment in early May once they have accepted a placement offer. University Friends Meeting is an equal-opportunity employer.