Are you interested in a life-changing year of service, refection and action? We are now accepting applications for our 2017-2018 QuEST cohort! Applications can be downloaded here: Fellow Application 2017 and more information is available at our for fellows page. Applications are due March 1st, although we may accept applications on a rolling basis after that. As a QuEST Fellow you would serve at a non-profit focusing on social service and social change. You’d have a great community of housemates who will support and challenge each other as well as cook, play and laugh together. Join us for a year of simple and intentional living!

Our placement sites will be finalized in early February, but it seems likely that many of our placement sites will be old favorites, with possibly a new healthcare-focused site as well. In the realm of old favorites, we’ll have Northwest Immigrant Rights Network, both the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and the General Intake positions. The folks at those positions find them both challenging and rewarding (see Victor’s story).  It will be our fifth year with REACH, a nationally recognized program working with homeless and mentally ill or addicted adults.  We love that two QuEST Fellows there have gone on to be hired by REACH!  We’ll also be working with Friends of the Children–our fourth year with them (see Lizzie’s story). We’re in our second year with Housing Action Fund, where Kristina has been hired on after her year there. They work with homeless people and other underrepresented folks to influence housing-related public policy. Finally, St Martin’s on Westlake gives permanent homes to people who have been homeless.  Our Fellow there is part of a team and support the residents through planning social activities and bringing in outside support.

If any of these sound interesting to you, or they remind you of someone you know, check out our Join Us! page.